Modern Dance “Cut Loose” – Stav Marin & Neta Weiner (ISR)


Time: May 24, 2019 20:30
Location: Theater Stok, Hirschengraben 42, 8001 Zürich
Event Type: Dance
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A physical and vocal duet about the violence and the softness of a couple, inside out, in the present place and tense.

Cut. Loose deals with relationships and power relations, traversing spheres of gender, militarism, popular culture and politics through the examination of different languages, both as separate and as combined: masculine language, feminine language, body language and speech language.

Cut. Loose occurs in three dimensions – words, movement and sound. The key element in this work is the knife, as an immediate mean of communication, similar to the usage of a word. A square arena is the ground for the battles that are sometimes a joint practice, sometimes an act of intimacy and sometimes a fight to death. The audience experiences the rounds of battles at point-blank range, as witnesses, critics and reluctant partners. The performers are moving between situations that force them to deal with worlds that are related to opposing forces of text and movement.

Recommended age: 18


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