Deaf / Blind Workshop “Play with Senses” – Na Lag’at actors (ISR)


Time: May 26, 2019 15:00
Location: Theater Stok, Hirschengraben 42, 8001 Zurich
Event Type: Workshop
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Using the senses – that’s the name of the workshop. Mordy Weiss is deaf and blind. Mohammad Shaqqur is blind. Both are actors in the production “Edgar” and show how participants with sensory complexities are involved in the production of a play and how these complexities are overcome at Na Laga’at, the world’s only theater with deaf, blind and deafblind performers.

By using their senses, Mordy and Mohammad present the audience a new, fascinating world of interpersonal communication. They demonstrate various methods of communication used in the Theater and explain how – at Na Laga’at Theater – what is generally considered a disability is transformed into an ability.

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